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'BETTA' ethos with the Equilibrium Alliance 

TGHA is apart of the Equilibrium Travel Company Membership Alliance 

It’s no secret that customer service is our number one priority. We don’t rest until our clients’ hiring needs are met. All you need to do is ask who has benefited from our outstanding ethos. We’d be honored to add you to the list.

Being an Equilibrium Alliance Member means that we have passed their high standards of work ethic an follow their 'Betta' ethos. Every day the TGHA Guides will always deliver the very best of service and positive attitude to work, we believe in lifting people us around us so we all shine together.

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Living "Betta"

Tour Guide Hire Australia is a part of the "Equilibrium Travel Company" we have a great company ethos known as, the "Betta" principle, Yes, we know its spelt wrong. However , the "Betta" ethos that our company exhibits is not about being better than other people, always competing and stressing in the rat race. It is a way of thinking, a modality, that is about always trying to be "BETTA" than yourself and the next day, lifting people up around you, and striving to be the best person you can be. we put this mantra in to all of our tours and activities, so that the individual or group sees a better way of doing things.

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Positive Vibes

Transforming Lives

"Equilibrium" Travel Company, is about incorporating the body, mind, soul connection to allow equilibrium within the self. 

We are not a bums on seats company, We are an experienced first company. We aim to deliver the "betta" principle to all of our people. Not just clients, but staff and work partners. We don't just present in a professional manner but we aim to  give a real genuine focus where we can encourage a connection with the equilibrium vibe.


People work hard to be able to afford holidays, and here at the Equilibrium alliance we believe in working just as hard to give a genuine connection to people which facilitates their wellness through travel.


Come and join us as we take you on a journey to some of the most breathtaking and inaccessible places in the world.

The "Betta" principle is an enlightened way of living, not being better than other things but being better than yourself yesterday. (Ask about the story) Being 'betta' means lifting those up from around you and shine the light on for the whole world to see. The principle involves improving the way we live through betta eating, betta health, betta thinking so that are worth better life with the idea of improving each every day and everything we do we lead ourselves to a place of Nirvana, Equilibrium, Enlightenment, bliss, universal love, whatever you want to call it. Improving ourself to better look after ourselves, by looking in the mirror and project this idea into a version of a world and universe that we live.


The "betta" ethos should be adopted by everyone to provide a safe judgement free environment to encourage growth and healing for all individuals we’ve learnt That you remember for a lifetime

Equilibrium Travel Company Alliance Member 

Quality First

Equilibrium Travel Company Alliance Members are, Tour Guide Hire Australia  (TGHA) and TravelWell EXpeditions, more to come!

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